Expanded Knowledge

As professionals committed to designing the most cost-efficient, practical solutions for our clients, Tipping Structural Engineers continually investigates new concepts and materials that provide improved performance, often with reduced costs and environmental impact.

Pioneering yet pragmatic, we apply creativity backed by thorough analysis to find better answers to everyday structural problems and elegant solutions for complex structures. Working independently and in collaboration with academic institutions such as UC Berkeley, we have led the development of new approaches, tools, and resources for seismic-resistant design. We have published papers and registered patents on our research and, perhaps most importantly, applied our increased knowledge to real-life projects, helping our clients make well-informed decisions that balance building performance and short- and long-term costs.

New isolation systems, high-damping components, recentering walls and frames, mode-shaping spines, and low-cement concrete are just some of the innovations that have resulted from our research. These advances have been recognized with local, regional, and national awards for excellence in structural engineering. In fact, our lateral solution for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission headquarters received the Outstanding Project award by the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) in 2013, outdoing One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower).