Structural Engineer

We are seeking two levels of candidates -- with 1 to 3 years and with 3 to 7 years of professional experience -- to join our team.

Our ideal candidate: you have a master's in structural engineering and a professional engineer's license in the State of California, an interest in high-performance seismic and sustainable design, and a knack for "whole-project" seeing. In addition:

  • You thrive on collaborating and communicating with others to expand possibilities and create positive contributions.
  • You actively seek to grow your interpersonal skills and social intelligence.
  • You are adaptable and willing to equally consider the diverse opinions and solutions of others.
  • You strive toward excellence and continually innovate for learning and improvement.
  • You are self-challenging, evaluating your assumptions with powerful questions and redefining problems.
  • You are passionate about contributing to and supporting the long-term vision of the organization you belong to.

You have demonstrable engineering expertise evidenced by:

  • a good understanding of the dynamic behavior of structures, including nonlinear behavior;
  • an ability to solve engineering problems independently and catch errors before they impact a project;
  • proven ability to take independent, responsible charge of increasing proportions of a project;
  • an ability to draw, sketch, and detail in ways that convey your design intention and leave little room for misinterpretations by the builder;
  • your calculations or analytic reports and presentations employ visual elements to convey the significant aspects of your findings, considering the audience for which they are prepared;
  • a facility with AutoCAD, Revit, PERFORM-3D, RAM Structural System, RAM Concept, and RISA;
  • an awareness of project budgets and the ability to judiciously tailor work to meet them;
  • a good understanding of current standards of practice, including ASCE 7, ASCE 41, CBC, ACI, AISC, NDS; and
  • a mastery of statics.