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Parallel to serving our clients to the utmost — providing them with the most thoughtful, cost-efficient design solutions for their particular need — we seek to cultivate a thriving community of practitioners eager to learn and grow, to do their best work, and to harness their craft and expertise in creating a better world.



Tipping cultivates curiosity, creativity, and continual learning.

  • An approach heavily weighted towards innovative thinking founded on high-level technical expertise. We are not afraid to throw away ideas in the interest of pursuing better solutions.
  • The emphasis on drafting and hand-sketching forces us to deal with physical reality of things and the potential elegant solutions that can arise from that awareness.
  • The high level of technical and operational knowledge, as well as the willingness and generosity in sharing it.
  • TSE’s amazing, always-evolving custom tools make the work of engineering efficient and fun.
  • The culture of inventiveness and creativity that is encouraged from the moment structural designers walk through the door.
  • The emphasis on professional and personal development, along with supportive professional resources.
  • We are supported in following our interests because the firm takes a long view on ROI.

Tipping emphasizes collaboration and communication.

  • Being part of an intelligent, collaborative team is valued and celebrated.
  • Active cultivation of a collaborative approach, both internally within the company and externally with architects and other teaming partners.
  • The commitment to transparency.
  • The encouragement and cultivation of open communication.
  • The amount of responsibility I am given, as it reflects the level of trust that the management holds in me to perform my role.
  • I am in close contact with all the principals on a weekly basis…
  • I’m allowed a great deal of freedom and independence to manage and execute a portfolio of work to the best of my individual ability.
  • A management structure in which I have a voice.

Tipping deeply cares about community.

  • TSE, compared to other companies, understands the benefits and importance of work-life balance and is committed to creating practices in support of that goal.
  • If we have personal issues to take care of, we are not obligated to put work in front of that.
  • Working here, I want to be at work. It adds enjoyment to my life.
  • I have the strong support and backup of experienced colleagues, capable staff, and an established overhead and marketing structure.
  • The laid-back atmosphere, the wonderful people, the challenging projects, and the desire to always improve.