Structural Engineers

Barry Ralphs
Associate | IT and Systems Director

As director of systems and IT, Barry oversees Tipping’s technical infrastructure, including workstations, software deployment, servers, and networks. Fluent in a number of programming languages (including AutoLISP, C#, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, and VBScript), he continues to customize and evolve TSE’s proprietary operations, scheduling, and CRM system, responding nimbly and effectively to the ever-changing needs of project directors, managers, and other staff.

Barry joined Tipping Structural Engineers in the fall of 2002, rounding out the firm’s drafting team. His facility with AutoCAD soon became apparent and his contributions indispensable in project delivery. Over time, Barry’s natural enthusiasm, technical aptitude, and visuospatial ability conspired in the creation of highly detailed 3D animations that demonstrated several of TSE’s award-winning structural innovations. A wearer of many hats and possessor of a wide range of skills, Barry served as project coordinator for the construction of Tipping’s new offices at 1908 Shattuck Avenue from 2014 to 2016. He was promoted to CAD manager in 2014 and associate in 2018.

Outside of Tipping, Barry enjoys designing and building large canned-food sculptures for the nonprofit AEC organization CANstruction. Hosted in different cities, the sculptures are typically on display to the public for about a week, after which the cans are donated to local food banks. 

Hailing originally from Southern California, Barry holds an associate’s degree in AutoCAD from ITT Technical Institute in West Covina, CA.


Barry Ralphs photo