Our Process

Experience has led us to a highly collaborative approach: we invest in early and intensive exploration, working with the architect and builder to develop efficient, practical solutions that save costs and minimize wasteful redesigns in later phases.

Collaboration  So that the greatest advantages might accrue to our clients’ projects, Tipping aims for early collaboration with our partners in design and construction. By working together from the outset, we build value engineering into the design process, drawing on our staff’s technical expertise and trademark ingenuity. Our approach, inventiveness, and drive to control project costs result in construction savings, expedited schedules, and improved performance. Major systems­—mechanical, structural, and seismic—can be more simply and economically integrated, eliminating clumsy detailing and improving overall efficiency.

For the owner, integrated value engineering is perhaps the greatest benefit of this early collaboration. By working together before design begins, the design and construction team establishes a common basis for cost-saving solutions and has the opportunity to make better decisions as the project unfolds.